David Irish

Why I make Things         

I have always enjoyed painting, drawing and making things. From an early age it was fun seeing a drawing evolve on paper, from nothing to something as I drew figures and street scenes with intense concentration. The drawings became the actual events in my mind.  I never questioned why I did it, I just enjoyed doing, similar to playing sport or dancing, you do it because you enjoy it. Life would be so much poorer without it. I still retain the feeling of excitement as I develop a painting, it is essential for me, without enjoyment there is no point in producing the work, especially as you get older. No one tells you to do it and the world is not going to notice if you don’t.

By exhibiting the work, you hope there will be a connection with the audience, although it is not guaranteed, it is always in the eye of the beholder. If you receive a good response it makes the journey worthwhile, even a poor reaction is worth having for at least it has stirred an emotion in the viewer. Neutrality is the Death of Art, however we can’t expect to like everything we view, we all have different preferences in life.

Born…Liverpool… 25th Dec 1954


Coventry Art Gallery

Wednesbury Art Gallery

Leamington Art Gallery

Cannon Hill Arts Centre, Birmingham

Artrix Arts Centre, Bromsgrove

Artful Expression, Birmingham

The Works, Birmingham

The Qube, Oswestry

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