Frank Edmunds

Born in Derby in 1950, I was educated at a Grammar School where the focus was on science and technology. Consequently, on leaving school, it was industry as a microbiology technician where my working life began. Possibly as a response to this environment I became increasingly drawn to the arts. A change in direction became inevitable and during the early 70’s I commenced studies in Sculpture and Fine Art at Birmingham Art College.


After leaving college I followed various teaching posts including that of Education Officer at H.M.P. Winson Green, Birmingham and the a lecturer in Three-Dimensional Studies at Handsworth College , Birmingham.


My art training in the 1970’s saw an emphasis on concepts and ideas rather than the demonstration of technique. Indeed, these concerns are echoed in the work done by many artists graduating today, but like myself, I feel that they will eventually turn to the fact that art is about making objects and not a demonstration of an idea in a rather second hand way.


My early work comprised a series of brightly coloured still life sculpture that explored modelling and construction techniques and the richness of colour and material. In the 1990’s my work move more narrative, figurative in expression and with an interest in mythology and classical story telling.


This figurative strand to my work exploits a personal interest in mythology; the richness of (Greek) story telling; the ambiguity of such creatures; their emotional and social mannerisms had evolution dictated that they were alive today. The opportunity to work in bronze has enriched these pieces as well as enabling me to explore a new process in terms of both its limitless possibilities and time consuming constraints.


I feel confident with the quality of outcomes in the ‘Warrior/Unicorn’ series. This new body of work still conforms to the exploration of abstraction and realism; and the formal elements of sculpture such as mass, weight, shape, balance and texture. A common theme that pulls the work together is object making and the physical nature of bonze. The 2007 commission for 3 large mythological sculptures, cast in bronze and sited in ‘Sculpture Park’ in Surrey, represent the fulfilment of this project that was started in the mid 1990’s. The notion of enquiry is the essence of artistic expression and bronze has allowed me to articulate new avenues of research within my work.

Head of a Unicorn, Bronze. Ht 4 metres
Head of a Unicorn, Bronze. Ht 4 metres
Large Unicorn, bronze
Large Unicorn, bronze
‘Bound Scissors and Butterfly’. Ht 50 cm
‘Bound Scissors and Butterfly’. Ht 50 cm
‘Venus Clock’.   Ht. 50cm.
‘Venus Clock’. Ht. 50cm.
‘Head of a Unicorn (abstract)’.  Ht. 25cm. Edition of 12
‘Head of a Unicorn (abstract)’. Ht. 25cm. Edition of 12
‘15’ (fame).    A3+ in size
‘15’ (fame). A3+ in size
‘Artache’.          A3+ in size
‘Artache’. A3+ in size
‘Zebra Venus Clock’.   Ht.65cm.
‘Zebra Venus Clock’. Ht.65cm.
‘Broken Peace’.   Ht.1.8 metres (with base).
‘Broken Peace’. Ht.1.8 metres (with base).