Michael Morris

My paintings include boundaries of ambiguity, which I hope the viewer will respond to.  The subject matter is appropriated from newspapers and magazines, yet I try to create fiction.  I want the viewer to question their comfort zone; is the subject good or evil?  Judgements are made based on first impressions and not on the facts of reality.  Personally, I find it interesting when the original source and its identity are withheld from the viewer; it intrigues me, as you are then required to begin to develop your own narrative about the painting. 


It is the relationship between the language of the paint and the surface that I find stimulating.  Although working on a flat surface, I like the manipulation and texture that can be created on canvas.  My work contains reality as much of the work is figurative, but clearly just remains a painting.  The work is eclectic; the plight of children, the mystery of masks, freedom of flight to a more ambiguous view on our society.  Conformity is only wafer thin…


I have been engaged in teaching art for over 20 years.  Clearly, this generates intrigue and desire to create.  Over the last 5 years I have established a studio in Birmingham and have been working towards solo and group exhibitions.


List of Exhibitions

The Jubilee Centre 2016

The Jubilee Centre 2015

Artatartful Exhibition 2013

mac Open Art Exhibition 2013

The Public Open Exhibition 2013

Moma Wales 2013

Moma Wales 2012

Artflix Group Exhibition 2011

Bath Artists Studio Group Exhibition 2011





Facebook: mike morris artist

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